Cda professional philosophy statement

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School of Education

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BEFORE YOU APPLY What is the Child Development Associate® (CDA) National Credentialing Program? The CDA National Credentialing Program is a professional development opportunity for early educators working with children ages birth to 5 years old to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities in the early childhood education field.

My philosophy is that everyday is a great and glorious opportunity to show children something new, or practice something learned. I believe imagination should be ignited in each child and kindled by the teamwork of teacher and parent. I believe that you should make a big (positive) deal out of the small things.

A child who uses a word correctly. In Onsite Dental maintains various clients for corporate dental clinics and dental actively engage our clients during selection to ensure.


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a current child development associate (CDA) credential, either infant/toddler or preschool, awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition and a high school diploma or equivalent: i. after July 1,all clock hours of coursework for the CDA must be earned from a BESE-approved early childhood ancillary certificate program for.

Cda professional philosophy statement
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