Economics of war

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The rise of total war in the modern age is due to the rise of "statolatry" and interventionism. This article is excerpted from Study Guide to Human Action, chapter 34, "The Economics of War" (). The rise of total war in the modern age is due to the rise of "statolatry" and interventionism.

This article is excerpted from Study Guide to Human Action, chapter 34, "The Economics of War" ().

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines economic warfare or economic war as involving "an economic strategy based on the use of measures (e.g. blockade) of which the primary effect is to weaken the economy of another state". A war economy is the set of contingencies undertaken by a modern state to mobilize its economy for war production.

Philippe Le Billon describes a war economy as a "system of producing, mobilizing and allocating resources to sustain the violence.". The Economics Of War.

Tuesday, November 01, Ludwig von Mises. Philosophy Ludwig von Mises Interventionism Free Trade War. Dr. Mises is Visiting Professor of Economies at New York University. This is abridged From a chapter of his book, Human Action (Yale University Press, pages, $).

The coverage of the book spans from a basic treatment of the theory of war economies, to case studies (of the major wars, ethnic clensings etc.), to studies of labor economics of soldiers, weapons of mass destruction proliferation, and 4/5(4).

Economics of war
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What is an Economic War?