Organization behavior of bangladesh railways

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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Bangladesh)

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Pages: 9 ( words) Published: April 17, Organization Behavior of Bangladesh Railway In: Social Issues Organization Behavior of Bangladesh Railway An Assignment ON Organization behavior Submitted To: Lasna Kabir Associate Professor Dept. of Public Administration.

Work motivation is an ensemble of internal and external forces which could initialize the work behavior, determining its direction,form, intensity and duration which is concerned with positive incentives and avoid negative incentives in the workplace (Pinder ).

Strategic performance management is a process where an organization. Firstly railway in Bangladesh has the monopoly in the market because of the support of the government.

Thus there is single seller in the market for the services. Secondly the price maker for the railways is the government. Organization Behavior of Bangladesh Railway Submission Date: 16th May Assignment topic A Research on Bangladesh Railway [pic] Introduction: Roads & Railways Division is one of the important Divisions in the Government under the Ministry of Communication.

These are “Behavior, security, refreshment, lighting, information Service quality is the crucial factor for any service organization to craft the difference and the Ministry of Railways along with Bangladesh Railway Authority (BRA) which works for policy guidance of BR.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Bangladesh)

Key features of BR are the coexistence of several gauges. WELCOME TO BANGLADESH RAILWAY E-TICKETING SERVICE Purchasing tickets through Internet is another convenient way to travel with Bangladesh Railway.

Register yourself with your cell phone number, book online and your ticket details will then be emailed to you instantly after payment through your any VISA/MASTER, DBBL .

Organization behavior of bangladesh railways
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