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The user may be reviewed with context extracted from masses of topics that have been performing by the user or the set of industries within their community. At Red Pen Consulting, we specialize in all forms of written communication, including writing, editing, desktop publishing, and even web design.

We can also provide photography services to complete your website or print project. Editor - RedPen Editorial Services. Location Sacramento, California Area Industry Writing and Editing. Current: Owner/Editor at RedPen Editorial Services: Past: Instructional Designer at VSP Vision Care, Training Specialist at Retail Pro International, LLC, Substitute Teacher at Roseville Joint.

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Hyphens. I haven’t been editing for very long, but there have been times when I’ve been unsure of how to use the hyphen correctly. The Red Pen of Doom is committed to providing services to authors, including everything from freelance editing to traditional publishing!

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Professional proofreading and copy editing services for writers, academics and businesses. Everything from line by line copy editing of draft writing to a final quality check before publication; I offer a quality editing service at affordable prices.

In this book, book coach and editor Stacy Ennis takes you through the ins and outs of the often bewildering book-editing process. Find out how to write with an editor's eye, how revise painlessly and how to hire and work with editors, copy editors, and proof readers.

Redpen editing services
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